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Space Performance Evaluation

Enhance performance, engagement & well-being.

Through observation and research, we learn right alongside you about what’s really going on in your workplace. Whether you choose one or all of our services, we customize them to you and ensure you receive exactly what you need. The data we collect helps you draw critical conclusions to direct design and improve business outcomes and the lives of the people who work for your organization. Working with MillerKnoll's Performance Environments team.

  • Visioning: The visioning process helps you think creatively, devise strategy, and gain organizational alignment as you work toward your goals. Our team works with senior leaders to identify business drivers, achieve consensus on a shared vision for the workplace and develop a plan for getting there.
  • Space Utilization Services: Using patented sensing technology, we collect data on seat and space utilization. This enables you to make real estate decisions supported by hard data.
  • Interviews: We have one-on-one conversations with company leaders, key decision-makers, and employees to understand the nuances of your culture, workplace, and processes.
  • Focus Groups: Small-group sessions with key staff help us identify elements that may inhibit or enable your progress toward achieving an ideal workplace.
  • Design Center: A functioning test space may be built in order to invite employees to experience the possible change and provide feedback on their experiences. The work space plan may be altered based on this feedback; a great way to engage employees in change management.
  • Surveys: Employee survey results provide focused feedback to support the creation of a more employee-focused workplace.
  • Ethnography: We observe the ways your workplace is being used, as well as the ways people in your workplace interact with each other and their tools and technology.
  • Activities Assessment: We’ve identified 10 Modes of Work people engage in no matter what function they perform. Using this framework, we study the Modes of Work within your organization to inform the creation of Settings in your new Living Office Landscape.
  • Space Syntax: We measure the degree to which each path and intersection on your existing floorplan is connected to other paths in your workplace. This allows us to model layouts that will foster unplanned interaction.