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Inventory Handling & Management

OFI recognizes and respects the significant investment of your assets and inventory, and is fully committed to protecting them from order entry through installation.

Receiving, Distribution & Storage
Our Asset Inventory System database will help you better utilize your assets and avoid costs by:

  • Simplifying the tracking process
  • Reusing your company’s existing assets
  • Analyzing assets to eliminate obsolete inventory and reduce storage costs
  • Managing the asset levels to address churn, so reconfigurations can be executed more efficiently
  • Reducing cycle time from order to delivery and facilitating complete, on-time, and error-free installation

Our state-of-the-art, 100,000 square-foot receiving and distribution center has been designed to accommodate your assets and inventory. We also provide short-term product storage for pending installation and long-term storage of excess inventory. Products are protected from dirt, dust, and damage in a climate-controlled environment.

We understand how critical proper delivery and installation are to your schedules, people and work activities. You can count on OFI installers to coordinate the timely installation of your project with care and minimal disruption to work by thoroughly pre-planning details, preparing the site, and disassembling and removing, or relocating existing furniture. Our MillerKnoll certified installers are fully trained in stringent installation guidelines and best practices. You can be assured that these practices are demonstrated and adhered to throughout the installation process.