Capital Region Development Authority

The State of Connecticut's Consolidation project was a huge success, due in major part to the Design Center created for employee feedback.

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Aligning with their mission of redeveloping local property to attract and retain business, Capital Region Development Authority worked with Tecton Architects to renovate the building at 450 Columbus Boulevard in downtown Hartford for the State of Connecticut’s Consolidation project. State workers from several agencies relocated into this bright and open space with ample windows that offer natural light and city views.

Scheduling and logistics were critical in meeting the demands of this tight timeline; 2,250 workstations at a rate of 100 stations per week were installed. To assist with change management, OFI implemented its Design Center strategy to acclimate employees to their new workspaces. The process involved prototype tours and surveys to engage and empower employees in determining color, panel heights and accessories for their workstations. The end result was a smooth transition and improved employee satisfaction.

Product: Herman Miller Canvas Office Landscape, Herman Miller Tu storage