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Post University | Downtown Waterbury Campus

20190424 085329

Post University moved about 400 employees to its new campus, located in the famous Howland-Hughes department store building, on Bank Street in downtown Waterbury. The employees here will be running the online coursework that now makes up the majority of Post's enrollment.

The repurposing of the Howland-Hughes department store building did not go unnoticed. Post University was awarded "Best Building Repositioning" by CREW-CT at its 24th annual Blue Ribbon Awards for the region's best real estate projects completed in 2018. (See all the winners here.)

The project was a fast-track, 3 week project in November/December 2018 with scope consisting of 550 workstations, 25 private offices, soft seating, lounge furniture, conference rooms, training rooms and multi-purpose rooms. 4 floors were furnished with a majority of Global furniture on time and within budget.

Global: Compile workstations, Zira offices & conference tables, Ballara & River lounge pieces, Swap tables, Bakhita, Vion, Sora seating