Neopost USA | Consolidation

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Neopost, a worldwide leader in the mailing and shipping technology industry, has started to consolidate their Milford campus from multiple buildings that include 400+ employees into one building in the same industrial park. OFI partnered with Perkins Eastman to furnish three floors of employees to include able Meeting Rooms and touchdown spaces along with an updated Café area and smaller Focus and Huddle Rooms to meet their employee’s needs for alternative work setting. Neopost is dedicated to employee wellness and provided each employee with a sit/stand workstation or private office, dual monitor arms and new ergonomic task seating. OFI utilized Herman Miller and alliance partners for most of the furniture solutions for this 3 phase project to be completed in February 2019.


Sit on it Seating - Torsa Chair

Herman Miller - Canvas Wall, Canvas Private Office , Aside guest chairs, everywhere tables, Exclave Tables

Humanscale - Monitor Arms