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Workspace of Tomorrow...Today

Join Us LIVE Thursday April 1st @ 10:30 for Safety & Wellness in the New Office

March 30, 2021

Join the BlueBack Health team on Thursday April 1, 2021 for an intimate, engaging virtual conversation with trusted professionals, unveiling of survey responses and questions from each of you.


As we emerge from the year that turned business models, priorities and plans upside down, we take a collective deep breath. Employers have been thrust into a position where they must effectively and compassionately support the “whole” employee. Mental, emotional and physical wellbeing have become the daily conversation.

This has not only brought employee wellbeing to the forefront as workplaces expand mental health benefits, build awareness, destigmatize and ultimately change their approach and culture, but the entire conversation has shifted in where and how we suddenly do business. Many organizations are struggling to reconcile a return to the workplace with ever changing safety and social distancing guidelines. So, what DOES the Post-COVID workplace look like?

Dr. Matthew Castanho is a board certified and licensed Naturopathic Physician who practices medicine with the goal of unraveling the underlying cause of disease and ailments in his patients. With a full understanding of human physiology and the dietary and nutritional components critical to regenerating good health, we look forward to speaking with Dr. Castanho as he delves into immediate and purposeful action we can each take to counter a year of stress and trauma.

Office furnishing and architectural design/lifestyle expert, Doug Kruse from McKearney Associates is thrilled to show off their modern, space efficient office solutions that prioritize a health and wellness-based approach to work life. We will learn about DARRAN Furniture’s new Honey product line and their commitment to the needs of a more flexible and intentional employee experience. Also, Shana Schneider from Fitstyle by Shana, a certified fitness trainer and fitstylist, will provide you with simple ways to bring inclusive fitness and wellness into your workplace. Who said that a physical workspace can’t aid in increased morale, productivity, focus and ultimately employee engagement?

Finally, Michael Vigeant CEO from the well-respected, nationally recognized marketing research firm, Great Blue Research, Inc. will unwind critical insight from our survey of workplaces, as we break down best practice insight to what a return to work looks like for our peers and colleagues. Take our Workplace of Tomorrow survey here.

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