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Herman Miller's Performance System and Safety

As a member of Herman Miller’s Certified Dealer Network, we benefit from Herman Miller’s Performance System (HMPS) which integrates lean practices throughout all our systems and processes. The Last Mile is a key component of HMPS and is the way we bring process discipline and quality to our delivery, and installation process.

April 15, 2020

Our installation process starts before we get to your project site. Through pre-work, we prepare for the delivery and installation in our warehouse. Our detailed planning reduces interaction of people on your site. It also means that:

• Less time and fewer installers needed on site
• Installation starts later in project timeline and allows for reduced contact with other trades
• Minimal packaging on site and less product handling minimizes risk
• Completing sections of the project at a time allows for deep cleaning of product

Our installation team practices social distancing so that team members are always six feet apart whenever possible. For additional protection team members wear masks, gloves and eye protection, as well as safe hygiene practices.

Because the Last Mile is a part of our regular process, our team is experienced with the prework and planning necessary to make the installation at your project site go quickly and smoothly and safely.

Unloading to site keeping 6 foot distancing
Pre-work and planning make installation on the project site go quickly, smoothly and safely