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For the Good of Every Gamer

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October 15, 2020
Embody Aeron Sayl Gaming Editions 2

We're excited to announce that Herman Miller has released special editions of their Embody, Aeron and Sayl chairs along with a Motia gaming desk and Ollin monitor arm...all with gamers in mind!

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X Logitech G Embody
Herman Miller has combined their design legacy with Logitech G's innovation in gaming technology to scientifically advance play.

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After surveying thousands of gamers, Herman Miller confirmed that the iconic Aeron Chair is already a fan favorite.

Today we’re thrilled to unveil the special edition Aeron Chair for gamers. this special edition Aeron Chair comes in an all-new dark black from top to bottom to seamlessly fit the vibe of your gaming setup, with the optimal configuration of the chair to give you the best ergonomic support while you game. Play at the intersection of high performance and iconic design.

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Inspired by the architecture and less-is-more engineering of suspension bridges, Sayl is a stylish gaming chair that uses fewer parts and less material than traditional foam and fabric chairs. It's available in an expressive color palette because your chair should match your personality—and your gaming setup. And with Sayl's balance of support and freedom to move, you can stay comfortable as you play.

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