Four Ways Modular Design Streamlines the Healthcare Construction Process

Modular casework solutions help control costs and maintain schedules, so health systems can start generating revenue sooner.

Why choose modular over fixed walls?

Only half of healthcare construction projects stay on schedule and on budget. Keeping any construction project on track is difficult, but healthcare construction has unique challenges. During renovation and construction, the arrival and staging of raw materials on site need to be closely managed in order to keep the schedule from slipping and to keep the site safe.

Choosing Herman Miller movable, modular design solutions over fixed millwork contributes to keeping construction projects on schedule and within budget. It lets general contractors work smarter, avoid cost overruns, and deliver complete projects faster, so their healthcare clients can generate revenue sooner. Here’s how.

1. Herman Miller will match your pace, so it’s easier to coordinate the trades.

Staying on schedule is a major concern for general contractors, with good reason: 39 percent of construction projects are behind schedule. But 100 percent of Herman Miller's shipments of prefabricated casework can be paced to minimize chaos on the job site or avoid the cost of storage. And you avoid the mess that comes with on-site millwork.

2. Herman Miller's lead times are consistent.

Herman Miller's products are delivered six weeks from the time you place your order. Their reliability score, which measures on-time delivery, averaged 97 percent last year. Knowing when a product is coming allows you to manage the trades more effectively and keep the project on track.

3. Herman Miller's precision manufacturing delivers higher quality.

More than 99 percent of Herman Miller's manufactured products arrive free of damage and ready to install, saving you the hassle of rework and the time associated with it.

4. Herman Miller's modular casework installs faster than fixed casework.

How do we know? As a Herman Miller dealer, we have access to studies of customer installations conducted by Herman Miller, and we’ve learned that, on average, Herman Miller's modular casework installs 65 percent faster than fixed casework. Speeding up the process means facilities can open sooner—and your clients can generate revenue sooner.

Is Modular Right for You?

When it comes to flexibility and efficiency, consider Herman Miller's modular healthcare product systems and nurses stations.

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