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OFI strives to be a steward of the environment through thoughtful design and project implementation.

At OFI, sustainability is a natural part of our daily business and culture. Headquartered in a reclaimed space renovated to LEED standards, OFI has grown over 50 years without ever increasing our footprint on the earth. Our carefully planned design minimizes energy consumption and creates a bright, inviting, and efficient workplace that fosters healthy work habits and empowers our employees to spearhead ongoing green initiatives that improve workspace and community environments.

We strategically partner with companies who can help us offer our clients innovative, sustainable workspace solutions. Our premier business partner, MillerKnoll is a pioneering founder of the US Green Building Council and a leader in designing and manufacturing sustainable workspace solutions.

OFI’s LEED accredited professionals and expert partners assist our clients in identifying sustainable options throughout each phase of a project. Our rePurpose program allows clients to partner with us to resell, recycle, reuse or remove existing furniture to keep items out of landfills, reduce carbon emissions and support local charities, often resulting in a tax incentive or credits towards LEED certification.

We recognize that sustainability is an on-going responsibility and are committed to partnering with equally committed companies to provide our clients with innovative and sustainable workspace solutions.