Our Team

Partnering for success.

Our team prides itself on knowledge, responsiveness, and best in class service in the contract furniture industry. Experts in understanding our customers’ needs for creating inspiring, innovative, and engaging workspaces, we partner with clients in developing long-term relationships.

Leadership Team

  • Brian Murray

    Brian Murray Executive Vice President of Sales LinkedIn

  • Deborah Laviero

    Deborah Laviero Executive Vice President of Organizational Development LinkedIn

  • Lauren Benton

    Lauren Benton Executive Vice President of Operations LinkedIn

  • Mehmet Bakkaloglu

    Mehmet Bakkaloglu Chief Financial Officer LinkedIn

  • Rick Mills

    Rick Mills President LinkedIn

Account Team

  • Bill Tagliatela

    Bill Tagliatela Vice President of Sales LinkedIn

  • David Durfee

    David Durfee Account Executive LinkedIn

  • Eileen Horan

    Eileen Horan Account Executive LinkedIn

  • Gail Sharkey

    Gail Sharkey Account Executive LinkedIn

  • Jackie Murray

    Jackie Murray Account Executive LinkedIn

  • Jane Holt

    Jane Holt Account Executive LinkedIn

  • Maja Ilic

    Maja Ilic Account Executive LinkedIn

  • Megan Phillips

    Megan Phillips Vice President Government & Contract Sales LinkedIn

  • Raquel Walton

    Raquel Walton Account Executive LinkedIn

  • Robert Pedicano

    Robert Pedicano Account Executive LinkedIn

Design Support

  • Cheryl Sonner

    Cheryl Sonner Senior Designer

  • Kirsten Feeney

    Kirsten Feeney Designer LinkedIn

  • Patti Syme

    Patti Syme Designer LinkedIn

  • Terry McTeague

    Terry McTeague Interior Designer LinkedIn

  • Tonya Baethge

    Tonya Baethge Senior Interior Designer

Project Coordinators

  • Jeff Daddabbo

    Jeff Daddabbo Senior Project Coordinator LinkedIn

  • Joe Novak

    Joe Novak Project Coordinator

Account Coordinators

  • Gina Fowler

    Gina Fowler Account Coordinator LinkedIn

  • Jessica Teodoro

    Jessica Teodoro Account Coordinator

  • Tiago Moraes

    Tiago Moraes Account Coordinator LinkedIn

Organizational Development

  • Joanna Kress

    Joanna Kress Marketing Manager



  • Charlie Urquhart

    Charlie Urquhart Service Coordinator